Pearl is a Brat!

Chapter 15 – Hester and Pearl
Once Chillingworth leaves her, Hester considers how she hates him, even if it is a sin.  When she finds Pearl, who made the letter A out of eelgrass, Hester asks her if she understands what the letter A means on her chest; but Pearl does not understand, except whatever it means, there must be a connection to why the minister is always holding his own chest in his hand; therefore, Hester decides that she does not want to tell her daughter, yet.

Chapter 16 – A Forest Walk
Hester and Pearl go out to the forest to meet Minister Dimmesdale that Hester may tell him the truth about her former husband.  Pearl tells her mother that the sun does not love her; furthermore, Pearl presses her mother about the Black Man and his mark, which is the scarlet letter.  Hester tells her it is the minister, but Pearl wants to know if the Black Man left his mark on Dimmesdale’s chest, and if so, why does he not have a scarlet letter, too.

Chapter 17 – The Pastor and His Parishioner
Dimmesdale emerges, and Hester tells him that Chillingworth is her husband, greatly offending Dimmesdale and causing him to revile Hester, although she will not accept his words; she begs his forgiveness, which he does.  Dimmesdale believes Chillingworth is a greater sinner than the two of them, and he now worries that he will publically reveal them; therefore, they consider fleeing to Europe.

Chapter 18 – A Flood of Sunshine
The idea of living a new life together away from Boston brings a change of heart; Dimmesdale is ready to exchange his heavy burdens for a new life, and Hester, who finally removes her burden, the scarlet letter, is free; they shall never look back.  Hester is grateful that Pearl may now know her father.

Chapter 19 – The Child at the Brookside (More like, The Child Needs a Spanking!)
Dimmesdale is apprehensive about meeting Pearl, and the little brat throws a tantrum and does not go to her mother until she puts on the darn scarlet letter again.  Pearl then challenges her mother and the minister to walk back to town hand in hand, all three of them, but they can not; and when Dimmesdale kisses Pearl's forehead, she runs to the brook to wash it off.

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