Monday, June 25, 2012

God Blesses Even Through Consequences of Sin

Chapter 3 – The Recognition
While standing on the scaffold, Hester recognizes a deformed man standing in the crowd who inquires of Hester; and a townsman tells him of how Hester is married to an Englishman who sent her ahead of him to Boston two years ago, but he himself never arrived; now she has a baby and she will not reveal who the father is.  Next, Governor Bellingham, clergyman John Wilson, and Hester’s reverend, Mr. Dimmesdale, appear before Hester and press her to reveal who her lover is, but she insists on never speaking a word of it.

Chapter 4 – The Interview
Once Hester returns to the jail, the jailer calls for a physician because he is concerned for Hester’s and her child’s health and well being; and lo and behold, the physician is the deformed man she recognized in the crowd earlier, Mr. Roger Chillingworth.  Apparently, he loved her once, and probably still does, but the feelings were never mutual; therefore, he holds bitterness in his heart and promises to find out who her present lover is, or as we say today: her baby’s daddy, and seek personal revenge!

Chapter 5 – Hester at Her Needle
Once Hester is released from prison, she is free to return to Europe to begin a new life, but choses instead to carry her cross and remain in Boston alienated from everyone else, while she makes a living in her excellent needlework, magnificent enough to be worn in burial, christenings, and as an official’s robe, but never for the bride on her wedding day.  She does charity work, too, but is even shun by the poor she is helping and now is beginning to question the guiltlessness of others.

Chapter 6 – Pearl
Hester’s daughter’s name is Pearl.  Interestingly, Hester recognizes that even through sin, God had given her a beautiful daughter who would one day be blessed in heaven.  Pearl is growing up to be full of hostility and desire, which she inherited through her mother’s heart, and suffers the same punishment of isolation from the rest of civilization, as the Puritans considered Pearl to be of Satan’s breed.

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