Where People Stand for Righteousness

Mr. and Mrs. Bumble meet with Monks, and Monks pays them twenty-five pounds for information, which Mrs. Bumble shares: old Sally robbed Oliver’s mother of a locket, which Sally later pawned; but in Sally’s hand was the receipt with which Mrs. Bumble uses to obtain the locket; and here she gives it to Monks.  The locket contains locks of hair and a wedding ring with the name Agnes engraved on it; but Monks takes it and disposes of it through a trap door and into a river. 

Chapter XXXIX
Fagin visits Sikes, who is not well; Nancy returns with Fagin to collect money owed to Sikes, but Monks visits, whom she recognizes (because she was the one sneaking around Fagin’s when Monks was last with him), and Monk and Fagin have a private conversation in which Nancy eavesdrops.   Then she returns to Sikes, and once he falls into a drunken stupor, she leaves him to go to Mrs. Maylie to deliver important intelligence.

Chapter XL
Rose meets with Nancy and learns that Monks know her, though she does not know him; Monks by chance noticed Oliver with the pickpockets; Monks arranged a deal with Fagin to retrieve the boy for a sum and more if he should become a thief; and that the only proof of who Oliver really is now lies at the bottom of the river.  Even worse, it sounds like Monks is Oliver’s older brother!  And of course, Nancy returns to her wretched life with Sikes even after the numerous entreaties by Rose to help.

 Chapter XLI
Never mind where the protagonist changes –this is where I, the reader, am full of joyful anticipation and pleasant relief, that is, if nothing more hampers Oliver’s way.  It is just wonderful to know that there are people who will stand for righteousness.

Oliver is out for a walk with Giles when he returns with information about Mr. Brownlow who has returned; therefore, Miss Rose takes him to the place to meet with the gentleman immediately, finally telling him about Oliver’s misfortunes, including privately telling Brownlow about what Nancy had shared.  A committee is formed of all who know and care about Oliver in order to discover the truth about his possible inheritance of which he has been deceptively robbed.

Chapter XLII
The chapter opens with two characters we know, Mr. Noah Claypole and Charlotte, walking desperately for miles with heavy packs, obviously leaving their last place of employment, when they come upon Fagin’s place and gain something to eat and drink and lodging for the night.  Before long, Fagin sits with Claypole and shares with him the benefits of his business and entices him and the misses to join them, which they agree.  Claypole introduces himself and Charlotte as Mr. and Mrs. Morris Bolter.

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