Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Twist in Oliver's Fate?

Chapter XXI
This is the long, arduous, and tedious journey Oliver takes with Sikes to get to a house.

Chapter XXII
In the house are Toby Crackit, Sikes partner in crime, and another man named Barney.  The men force Oliver to drink alcohol, and in the middle of the night they journey to another home when it becomes evident to Oliver that he will be involved in a house robbery: he is givien instruction to crawl into a window in order to unlock the door, but the tenants are awakened, shots ring out, and Oliver may have been hit.

Chapter XXIII
Mr. Bumble meets privately with Mrs. Corney, the matron of the workhouse where Oliver Twist was born, and it is obvious that he is affectionately attentive of her.  However, just as their meeting becomes too affectionate, a messenger interrupts them to tell Mrs. Corney that an old female pauper, Sally, is dying and troubled in her mind.   

Chapter XXIV
Reluctantly, Mrs. Corney leaves Mr. Bumble to check on Sally, and Sally has some urgent information to give to Mrs. Corney: that she once took in a young girl who gave birth to a baby boy named Oliver; and when the girl died after giving birth, she, Sally, had taken a gold piece that belonged to the girl; but as the old woman continues to share details about the gold, she takes her last breath and dies.

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