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Chapter XLIII
Looks like the Artful Dodger has been caught and now has to see the magistrate; and Fagin, at the suggestion of Bates, send the new guy, “Mr. Morris Bolter,” to be present to see the results, which is: full justice.  Good!
Chapter XLIV
Fagin is visiting Sikes at his place on Sunday when the church bells ring eleven signaling Nancy to meet Miss Rose, if she can get there, but she is prevented by Sikes; Fagin is on to Nancy and tries to get it out of her, but she will not confide in him the truth.

Chapter XLV
Fagin employs Noah Claypole (Mr. Bolter) to spy on Nancy to see if she has a new love interest and where she goes; and the next Sunday at eleven, Noah is set to follow Nancy as she leaves the house.

Chapter XLVI
On London Bridge, Nancy meets Rose and Mr. Brownlow, with Noah spying close behind.  At a secluded area, Noah slips behind a wall to eavesdrop and he hears the couple confirm that none of her associates will be involved, and when Nancy describes Monks, whom the couple hopes to confront about Oliver’s history, Mr. Brownlow thinks he sounds familiar.  Again, Nancy refuses any assistance.
Chapter XLVII
When Sikes goes to Fagin’s place, Fagin makes Noah tell him all he has overheard while he was out spying on Nancy; and Sikes is uncontrollable.  He immediately goes to his apartment and beats Nancy to death.  Lovely.

Chapter XLVIII
A guilty Sikes flees London, but stops to rest at a public house after walking many miles and hours with his dog.  His guilt is terrorizing his thoughts: everywhere he goes he is reminded of the murder; therefore, he finally decides to return to London, but first tries to eliminate his dog without success.  Poor, puppy.

Chapter XLIX
Two sentences?  

Brownlow confronts Monks, who is really Edward Leeford, whose father, Mr. Leeford, was old friends with Mr. Brownlow.  Mr. Leeford was forced to marry a wealthy, older woman with whom Edward was born to, but the couple separates, and Mr. Leeford falls in love with a young woman named Agnes; she becomes pregnant with Oliver. 

Meanwhile, a wealthy relative leaves Mr. Leeford an inheritance because of the forced marriage, and he must travel to Rome to secure it, while his estranged wife, greedy for his fortune, meets him there; however, Mr. Leeford dies while in Rome, and his wife burns his will; therefore, after her death, Monks lives in the West Indies on his stolen fortune.

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