Tuesday, May 29, 2012

More Twists in Oliver Twist

Chapter XXXII
When he is well enough, Oliver sets out with Mr. Losberne and the ladies to visit Mr. Brownlow, but first they pass the residence of Mr. Sikes, and the doctor is moved to confront him, but he is not there; and next they come to Mr. Brownlow’s home, but it is empty, for he and his housekeeper and friend have all relocated to the West Indies.  In spring, Oliver departs for the peaceful country where he is tutored and attends church and becomes “completely domesticated” and attached to Mrs. Maylie and Miss Rose.

Chapter XXXIII
Miss Rose falls terribly ill, and Oliver is sent by Mrs. Maylie to fetch Dr. Losberne.  Oliver is beside himself to think that someone so young and full of life could die because death is for the old.  But Dr. Losberne says, “As He is good and merciful, she will live to bless us all, for years to come.”

Chapter XXXIV
A new character arrives on scene, Mr. Maylie, the son of Mrs. Maylie, who is in love with Rose.  Meanwhile, Oliver, who is continuing his studies now, falls asleep one day while reading and believes that he dreams he sees Fargin, and Monks, a man whom he does not know but recognizes as someone who accosted him when he accidently ran into him at the inn when he was delivering a message for Mrs. Maylie.  He is startled and calls for help…

Chapter XXXV
All in the house come to Oliver’s aid and go out to search for many days the two characters he believes he saw at the window, but without success.  In addition, Harry Maylie confronts Rose, but she rejects him for his desires to hold public office compared to her station in life, which she refers to a as “blight upon her name.”  
Chapter XXXVI
A short chapter in which Mr. Maylie asks Oliver to write to him often about the thoughts of Rose and his mother as he leaves for London; and Rose is, for some reason, full of sorrow!

Chapter XXXVII
Poor Mr. Bumble.  Matrimonial bliss has ended, and Mrs. Corney obviously wears the pants in that relationship.  After an awful argument, Mr. Bumble finds his way into a bar and sits near a stranger, in which the two become engaged in conversation.  Long story short, the stranger knows Mr. Bumble and thinks he may be able to help him with answers to his questions about the woman who nursed Oliver Twist’s mother, and they plan to meet the next night.

P.S. The stranger's name is Monks.

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