Friday, May 11, 2012

Lady Catherine Threatens Elizabeth

Chapter LV
Meanwhile, Mr. Bingley is spending more time with Jane Bennet, and finally, after a meeting with Mr. Bennet, he proposes to Jane, and she joyfully accepts, wondering why everyone cannot be this happy.  A perfect match!  Jane tells of how Mr. Bingley had no idea she was in London, but that he loved her still, and Elizabeth is grateful to learn that Bingley had not revealed the influence of Darcy after all.

Chapter LVI
Lady Catherine de Bourgh comes to Longbourn to threaten and intimidate Elizabeth about a rumor that she is to be married to her nephew, Mr. Darcy, which she forbids since her design for her daughter to marry her nephew from infancy; but Elizabeth scarcely knows what Lady Catherine is rambling about.  In addition, Lady Catherine argues that their union will not be broken by a woman of “inferior birth, of no importance in the world, and unallied to their family!”  Nonetheless, Elizabeth holds her courage, and when Lady Catherine demands her word that she will not accept if Darcy proposes, Elizabeth retorts, “I will make no promise of the kind.”

Chapter LVII
Mr. Bennet receives a letter from Mr. Collins concerning Elizabeth’s marriage to Mr. Darcy and warning Mr. Bennet that Lady Catherine will never give consent to the union.  Father and daughter ignore the remaining condescendence in the letter, and instead Mr. Bennet remarks how odd a match it is with Mr. Darcy’s “perfect indifference” and Elizabeth’s “pointed dislike,” and Elizabeth wonders if maybe she was reading into Mr. Darcy too much.

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  1. These were some of my favorite chapters in the book. I love the interactions between Lady Catherine and Elizabeth.