Happily Ever After, Amen!

Chapter LVIII
Elizabeth finally has an opportunity to speak with Mr. Darcy alone, and when Mr. Darcy inquires of Elizabeth’s current state of her feelings towards him, she tells him she has had a change of heart; his letter of explanation eliminated all of her prejudices towards him.  He reveals to her that when she stood up to Lady Catherine, it gave him hope.  And now that every misunderstanding is now cleared between them, they agree that they have both changed.

Chapter LVIX
Not so long after the last chapter, Mr. Darcy meets privately with Mr. Bennet, and this prompts Mr. Bennet to speak privately with Elizabeth to inquire of her assurances because he knows that she “could be neither happy nor respectable, unless [she] truly esteemed [her] husband.”  When Elizabeth revealed to her father what Darcy had done for Lydia, it was enough to conclude an encouraging opinion for Mr. Bennet.

Chapter LX
In another private conversation between Darcy and Elizabeth, she inquires of his motives and emotions behind all of his opinions of her, such as when he formed an interest in her and why, in which he reveals that he was involved before he realized the beginning, and that he was attracted to the vivacity of her mind.  She also wanted him to give an account for his relentless silence or distance, and he admits that he loved her so much that he was embarrassed.  But, he reiterated, that Lady Catherine’s scheme to part them, and Elizabeth’s response to her, is what gave him hope and purpose to know if he could ever make her love him. 

Chapter LXI
Therefore, both parties were married, the Bingleys and Darcys, and they live happily ever after.  The End
And P.S. Lady Catherine got over it!

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