Thursday, April 12, 2012

Who's What in Pilgrim's Progress

Thought it would be interesting to see if I could guess who was what.  
This is Part I:

Christian represents the life of one who chooses to follow Christ.
Evangelist is a Christian who is a witness, shares the gospel, and converts others to Christ.
Pliable is one who is easily influenced.
Obstinate is one who is stubborn and refuses to change.
Worldly Wiseman represents those who find only the doctrine of this world tasteful, and the doctrine they follow is the one that saves them from the suffering associated with the Cross.
Legality is one who seeks to be justified by the law.
Civility represents hypocrites.
Goodwill represents the good will of God that causes Him to bring people into His salvation.  He seeks us before we seek Him.  (1 John 4:19)
Interpreter (not certain what to make of Interpreter, but some research says it could have been the Holy Spirit.)
Shinning Ones are angels.
Simple, Sloth, and Presumption symbolize those who do not understand the urgency of repentance and faith; they believe they have all the time in the world.
Hypocrisy and Formality are those who establish man-made rules and customs to suit them, as opposed to following God’s Ways.
Fearful and Mistrust are those who do not have faith, and at the slightest conflict, turn away.
Watchful is a doorkeeper awaiting his Master’s return.
Discretion, Prudence, Piety, and Charity are Christians who demonstrate virtues of the Faith; that is why they are part of the Family.
Faithful is one who endures to the end, even unto death.
Wicked Ones represent evil spirits, demons.
Pope and Pagan Yikes! If that is not a swipe at the Catholic Church – consumed by power and tyranny, and while Bunyan says Pagan was dead, Pope, who may have been stronger in his younger years (Medieval – Renaissance), has since lost much of that power.
Wanton is typical of one who is unrestrained and immoral.
The Lust of the Flesh, The Lust of the Eyes, and the Pride of Life symbolize all the sinful desires of man
Discontent and his friends Pride, Arrogance, Self Conceit, Worldly Glory, etc. are typical fleshly manners of man.
Shame is one who objects to religion and the things of God because they are foolishness to him; yet, what is highly esteemed of this world is an abomination in the sight of God. (Luke 16:15b)
Talkative is one who thinks he can talk about the things of God, but does not produce the fruit of True Faith.
The Prince is Christ.
Judge Hate Good is a fitting one to represent those who love evil and hate good and pervert good as evil and evil as good.
Hopeful is what Christians should be: confident and encouraged in the Lord.
ByEnds is one who has a self-seeking purpose for being with Christians.
Vain Confidence is obviously a waste to follow after because he is really a stranger in the Way.
Giant Despair represents a Christian’s trial of hopelessness.
The Shepherds: Experience, Watchfulness, Knowledge, and Sincerity could possibly be more mature Christians.
Ignorance is one who is wise in his own eyes.
Little Faith (I struggle understanding this one, but some research has concluded that he is weak in faith, "modestly equipped," and "a careless soldier."  But this is only the surface.)
Atheist is one who does not have faith.

Part II

Christiana, again, one who follows after Christ.
Neighbors Fearful, Flint, Inconsiderate, Lightmind, and Knownothing are obviously enough fearful, inconsiderate, light-minded, and know nothing.  Flint is the only one that perplexes me.  In the original, Bunyan uses Mrs. Bat’s-eyes.
Neighbors Madam Wanton, Lovetheflesh, Filth, and Leachy are more examples of earthly, fleshly man, or in this case, women.
Mercy is a fruit of the Spirit; one who shows compassion.
Keeper of the Gate (is this Goodwill from part I?)
Great Heart (the Guide) represents a mature Christian full of wisdom, mercy, courage, righteousness, and compassion for others.  Maybe more Christians should take a lesson from him instead of sitting passively on the sidelines, but rather stand with courage and challenge what is evil.  I’m just saying…
Slow Pace, Noheart, Linger Afterlust, Sleepy Head, and Dull are all very poor qualities.
Brisk is one who pretends to be religious but is very attached to the world.
Old Honest is a wise old Christian?
Fearing is one of faith, but extremely fragile in condition
Selfwill is one who does whatever his heart desires, and uses Scripture to justify his sins.
Gauis (a generous and gracious host)
Paul, Peter, Ignatius, Romanus, Polycarp are early Christians who suffered martyrdom.
Feeblemind is a steadfast Christian, unafraid of evil, but indecisive and lacking strong will. 
About Tofall (Ready-to Halt) 
Mnason is another mature Christian full of graciousness and wisdom.
Despondency and Much Afraid represent Christians who fall into despair and fear.
Valiant Fortruth represents Christians of boldness with Truth on their side.
Standfast is one who stands fast against the wiles of the devil. (Ephesians 6:13)


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    1. This was fun, but exhausting; I am challenged to try part two, but somewhat avoiding it.

  2. You pushed on through part two! Yeah!

    I am having trouble writing about Moby-Dick. I enjoyed reading it, but I really want to move on to Uncle Tom's Cabin as well as to a few lighter modern books. Just not enough hours in a day for us mamas:)

    1. Moby Dick looks like heaving reading. It will probably be a brick wall for me. Just take it one page at a time!

  3. This list is a great help especially for somebody like me who's not a native speaker and far from this whole religious thing. The names are supposed to be self-explanatory but sometimes they are not... So I found myself using your list a lot)) Thanks)

    1. Thank you. When I was reading PP, I searched and searched for something like this, but I found nothing. I don't think Bunyan wanted it to be difficult for us to know who was what or who, so I hope I guessed correctly. I'm glad it helped you.