Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How many chapters can you read while waiting at the doctor's office?

I was there for two-and-a-half hours!  
And I even took a fifteen minute snooze in between two chapters!  

Chapter 15
The Pilgrims reach Delightful Mountain where they are shown many wonders by the Shepherds: Knowledge, Experience, Watchfulness, and Sincerity; and they are also shown the entrance to Hell.  In addition, they are shown where men walk blindly among graves because they had left the Right Way, which is rough in that place, and end up at Doubting Castle where the Giant Despair puts out their eyes; this could have been Christian and Hopeful.
Chapter 16
Christian and Hopeful meet a lively young man named Ignorance who is wise in his own eyes and comes into the Way by his own way, but they do not stay with him; instead they continue on as Christian tells of a man he knew, Little Faith, who was once on his own pilgrimage.  Little Faith was robbed while on the King’s Highway, leading Christian to conclude that they should always take with them the shield of faith and also to desire that the King give them an escort.  Then they should never be afraid.
Chapter 17
After coming to another path, the Pilgrims do not know which one to take, and hence they are persuaded by Flatterer, a false apostle, to take the wrong one and end up ensnared in a net until a Shinning One helps them down; therefore, they are rebuked and disciplined and sent back on their way.  Next they meet with Atheist coming in the opposite direction, and they stop to speak with him; unfortunately, Atheist is certain that the Celestial Gate does not exist, and he is returning home.
Chapter 18
Since Hopeful feels drowsy and wants to sleep, Christian encourages him to stay awake by having a conversation with him about his conversion: Hopeful tells the long story of how he once loved the things of this world and that he tried to mend his life on his own.  He knew that his righteous acts were filthy rags in God’s eyes and that observing the law could not justify him, but Faithful, while in Vanity Fair, assured him that unless he could obtain the righteousness of a Man, Jesus, who never sinned, nothing could save him. God reveals Jesus to Hopeful in his heart; and Hopeful comes to understand that while he is a grave sinner, the Lord’s Grace is sufficient enough.
Chapter 19
Christian and Hopeful engage Ignorance again, who is lagging behind them, and they learn that the young man trusts his own heart and does not believe his heart to be bad, as Scripture declares; Ignorance does not understand our need for Christ.  Later, Christian and Hopeful discuss how fear works for good – “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”


  1. Unbelievable.
    No actually, I can believe this. Several months ago I got through several chapters of the Gospel of Matthew while waiting in the doctor's office.

    What is frustrating is when you realize you are stuck somewhere with all kinds of time on your hands and you left your book at home! Glad you had yours with you! :)

    1. Yes, forgetting my book - that would have been a nightmare!