A Heavy Chapter

I did not want to, for the life of me, come up with just two sentences to summarize this heavy chapter, which explains Jesus' nature and the gospel. 

Chapter 24
Christiana, the children, Mercy, and Great Heart come to the place of the cross, and the women remember what was told to them at the Gate: “that we should receive pardon by word," which is a promise, and deed, which is "in the way it was obtained.”  Because they do not understand the deed, Great Heart explains to them: “pardon by the deed done is pardon obtained by someone for another who has need of it.  Him who let you in at the Gate…He has obtained it" in this way: "He has performed righteousness to cover you and has spilled blood in which to wash you.” 
Great Heart continues: He is an individual "who has no equal."  He has two natures in one person, and they are plainly recognized but impossible to divide.  Righteousness belongs to each of these natures, and each is essential to that nature.  He has righteousness, which is demonstrated through obedience to a revealed will, and that is the righteousness that He puts upon sinners and which covers their sins. 
He continues in this way: This is a righteousness that Christ, as God, has no need of; for He is God without it; Christ, as Man, has no need of; for He is perfect Man without it.  "He gives it away.  That's why it's called the Gift of Righteousness."  That is why "your pardon comes by deed," or work, "of another Person."  "Sin has delivered us up to the just curse of a righteous Law."  The Blood of your Lord took your place and died your death for your transgressions and justifies you from this curse by way of redemption.  "Thus He ransomed you from your transgressions by blood and covered" you "with righteousness."  For this, God will not condemn you when He comes to judge the world.  

Finally, as they continue on, chained lions frighten the women and children, and Great Heart must fight Giant Grim, keeper of the lions; however, Grim is defeated, and the Pilgrims continue on.

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