Happy Immortality...uh... Never Mind

Chapter IX
The opportunity arises for the author to travel to Luggnagg, and he is sent to meet the King in a peculiar custom of crawling on his belly and licking the floor before the king’s throne.  Thank goodness the King is pleased with Gulliver’s visit, and he provides a place for him and his interpreter to stay while in the country.

Chapter X
Gulliver learns that there are certain citizens born by chance with a rare mark that indicates immortality, and instantly he responds: “Happy nation where every child hath at least a chance for being immortal!”  Gulliver is asked his opinion of what he would do with immortality, to which he supplies with great joy a host of ideas, such as becoming the wealthiest man, surpassing all others in learning, and becoming the vision of the nation; and then the sad truth is made known about the lives of these immortals: they shall suffer forever in their old age “cut off from all pleasure.”

Chapter XI
After Gulliver takes his leave of Luggnagg he journeys to Japan in order that he may find a way England, although he must lie about his origin because the Japanese only do business with the Dutch.  He also joins a Dutch sailing ship to Holland, and finally makes it back to his home in England. 

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  1. These chapters were so serious in comparison with the rest of GT. I was disturbed by the immortals.