Gulliver Escapes Lilliput

Chapter V
Gulliver puts into a action his plan to seize the fleet of Blefuscu, which pleases the Emperor of Lilliput who further wishes for Gulliver to collect the remaining ships, thus subjecting the empire to his sole rule, annihilating all Big-Endian exiles, and forcing the people to break their eggs at the smaller ends; to which Gulliver rejected in council due to the injustice of pressing people into slavery, thus receiving opposition from his Majesty.  Nonetheless, when the people of Blefuscu learn of Gulliver’s valor and generosity, they invite him to their Island, which his Majesty reservedly granted and which Gulliver would take at a later time.  Meanwhile, Gulliver relates how he was obliged to help her Imperial Majesty one night because her apartment was on fire, urinating on the palace to extinguish the blaze and greatly offending the Empress, though he is later pardoned by the Emperor.

Chapter VI
Gulliver relates the customs and laws of the Lilliputians such as: how they bury their dead head down, how they consider fraud a worse crime than theft, how ingratitude is a capital crime, and that parents are not to be trusted in the rearing or education of their own children.  Gulliver also describes how he built himself a table and chair, how the seamstresses made his shirts and linens for his bed, and how Gulliver is losing favor with the Emperor after a situation is concocted involving the Treasurer’s wife.

 Chapter VII
It is privately revealed to Gulliver that there is an ongoing conspiracy against him involving the High Admiral and Treasurer and others who have drawn up several Articles of Impeachment including: high treason for urinating on an apartment of the royal palace, unwillingness to force the empire of Blefuscu into submission, as well as accepting an invitation to visit with that enemy.  While it is originally suggested that the punishment should be a tortuous death, it is resolved that Gulliver should be brought to justice by the loss of both his eyes; therefore, Gulliver decides to take leave of Lilliput and immediately heads for the Island of Blefuscu.

Chapter VIII
Several days on Blefuscu, Gulliver finds a boat at sea, and with the help of the seamen of Blefuscu, is able to bring it to shore, as he imagines it to be a way for him to return to sea and back home to England.  He is given provisions, including several small livestock to take home with him, and sets sail; and at sea he joins an English vessel headed for England, is reunited with his wife and family, yet is eager to search for foreign countries.

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