Christiana Enters the Celestial City

Chapter 32
Once leaving the Shepherds, the group meets with Valiant Fortruth with his sword drawn and his face bloody, and it came to be that three men had challenged him, but that he had called on the Lord for help which was adequate for him; since the men had left, Valiant joins with the Pilgrims.  On the way, Valiant tells of how he came to be on this journey, and how his parents had forewarned him of all the dangers that may befall him, but he is not discouraged and proceeds on into the Way.
Chapter 33
When they arrive at the Enchanted Ground, a dangerous place for Pilgrims because it is at the end of the Way and entices them to sleep, they instead encourage one another to continue on.  It is here that they meet Standfast praying, and they learn of his encounter with Madam Delusive, who offered to make him great and happy if she would rule him, but he asked God for help and was able to reject her; therefore, he was praising and thanking God.  Now he joins the rest of the Pilgrims on their journey to the Celestial City.

Chapter 34
Finally, the Pilgrims make it to the Land of Beulah, a place of rest for weary Pilgrims, where they wait for their time to cross the river; and soon Christiana receives her invitation from the Master to “stand in His presence clothed with immortality.”  Christiana gave her final parting words to all who accompanied her on her journey, and many came out to see her cross the river on her appointed day where she was received on the other side with the same ceremonies of delight that her husband had enjoyed. 


  In time, the author witnesses the other Pilgrims, Mr. About Tofall, Mr. Feeblemind, Mr. Despondency, Mr. Honest, Mr. Valiant Fortruth, and Mr. Standfast called to cross over the river to receive their entrance into the Gate.  But he did not observe the four boys and their wives and children cross, yet he heard that they are still alive and are present for the growth of the Church.

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