The Valley of the Shadow of Death

Chapter 8
Christian is encouraged to pass the lions, as they are chained and only there as a trail of faith, and he is invited into a Palace for the relief and security of Pilgrims; here he meets the Family, including the Porter, Discretion, Prudence, Piety, and charity who ask him many questions about his life and his journey thus far.  They also show him many noble things, such as the records of the lineage of the Lord, worthy acts of some of His servants, proof of how willing the Lord is to receive anyone into His Favor, the Armory where the armor of God is stored, and the Delightful Mountains, which is in the country Immanuel’s Land.  After several days, Christian is given equipment from the Armory in the event that he might be assailed in the Way and is led down the Hill where he is led into the Valley of Humiliation.

Chapter 9
In the Valley of Humiliation, the hideous monster Apollyon challenges Christian in battle, but is defeated by Christian who realizes that “we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.”  Next, Christian must go through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, a dark and lonely place full of Hobgoblins, Satyrs, and Dragons with a deep ditch on the right hand and a Quagmire on the left hand and clouds of confusion, which cover the place.  At dawn, Christians emerges from the Valley and praises God. 

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