The Story of Lady Trifaldi

Chapter XXXVI
The next day, the duchess asks Sancho if he has begun to make his penance for disenchanting Dulcinea, which he has; but since he used his hand, the duchess advises him to use something harder.  After dinner, the castle was visited by the character named Trifaldín, squire of Countess Trifaldi, otherwise known as Doleful Duenna, seeking to communicate with Don Quixote.
Chapter XXXVII
Sancho insults Doña Rodríguez over the use of the term duenna, until they are interrupted by the appearance of the Doleful Duenna.
The Lady Trifaldi and her veiled duennas enter and the Lady addresses the duke, duchess, Don Quixote, and Sancho concerning her story: Queen Doña Maguncia, widow of King Archipiela, now ruler of Kingdom of Maguncia, had a daughter, Infanta Antonomasia, the heiress, whom Lady Traifaldi was her teacher and protector.  She let down her guard when she allowed a knight of low degree, Don Clavijo, to love Antonomasia, and eventually Antonomasia’s belly revealed the extent of the relationship, in which Don Clavijo asked for Antonomasia’s hand in marriage.
Chapter XXXIX
The two lovers were married, which caused the queen’s death, and as revenge, the Queen’s cousin, Malambruno, triggered a spell on the two turning them into creatures of metal until Machegan shall fight him in combat.  He also threatened the life of Lady Trifaldi, ordered all the duenna’s brought before him, and placed Traifaldi’s guilt upon them, which caused them to grow beards on their faces; then they lifted their veils for all to see their current conditions, and it was so.


  1. Hi, Adriana! I am picking up the pace now that I have joined the Classical Club, which I noticed you did, too. Thumbs up! We have a similar list of books to conquer. I hope to be done with Quixote by next week, and I am looking forward to Pilgrim's Progress.