Sancho Rises to the Occasion

Chapter XLIX

As we return to the business of Sancho, it is evident that he has risen to the occasion, showing all shrewdness and wisdom in passing judgment and making decisions, though he must be brash at times; nonetheless, he holds his own against all, and argues that 'governors and judges are of flesh and bone' like everyone else.  For example, in reference to the physician, he sarcastically says, “…we must allow nature what nature requires – unless it be myself, for I’m forbidden to eat, thanks to Doctor Pedro Recio Tirteafuera…who wants me to die of hunger and yet swears on oath that this kind of dying is life.”  Finally, after he was able to eat, he and his stewards make their rounds of the city to clear the island of wasters, tramps, and sharpers.

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  1. I loved these Governor Sancho chapters. He, by far, is my favorite character, so there was much cheering for him during this section.

    =Christina Joy=