Quixote Gives Another Long Monologue

Chapter XV
After Quixote vanquishes Carrasco, he orders him to return to Lady Dulcinea, give an account of what happened, and report back to Quixote to give a description of her response; although it was Carrasco who had planned along with the barber and curate to follow Quixote, challenge him, vanquish him, and order him to return home for two years, in which time they should find a solution for his madness if he did not forget his madness altogether on his own.  Instead it was Carrasco who was defeated; and he went off to recover his injuries and plot a revenge on Don Quixote.
Chapter XVI
Quixote, still believing Carrasco to be enchanted, continues on when a gentleman, Don Diego de Miranda, joins him and Sancho.   At first, Don Diego suspects Don Quixote to be mad, but after Quixote gives a lengthy and deep monologue on children and their studies, art, nature, and poetry, Diego is quite impressed and begins to question his initial judgment of Quixote.

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