The Puppet-Showman and His Monkey

Chapter XXIV
Cervantes tells of the translation by Cide Hamete Benegeli who notes caution to the reader to judge for yourself the story of the cave, although Quixote retracted the story on his deathbed.  Meanwhile, Quixote, Sancho, and the cousin decide to go to a nearby hermitage to lodge for the night, but instead meet a man on foot walking quickly pass them pulling a mule with lances and halberds, and they inquire of his mission; and he directed them to the inn pass the hermitage where he would be staying in which they agreed to go there because of their curiosity of the man.
Chapter XXV
In the evening, the three men, plus a page whom they met along the way, including the innkeeper, all sat to listen to the man with the lances tell his strange tale of how two men went searching for a missing mule by braying, and they were so good at it that it became a sport; even today, villages battle each other, which is why the man was carrying lances and halberds.  After the tale was told, the famous puppet-showman, Master Pedro, arrived with his monkey who could tell answers about questions of the past, and so intrigued all there that he gave a show for them, in which Quixote questioned if what he saw at the cave was true or not.

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