Now the Knight of the Lions

Chapter XVII
As Don Quixote was speaking with Don Diego, a cart with flags approached, which Quixote took to be an opportunity for adventure, and as he advanced the cart he inquired of the carter’s business and what he was transporting; the carter replied that he was carrying a pair lions from a general as a gift to the King.  At this, Quixote ordered the carter to open the cage to release the lions that he may challenge them, and after no one was able to persuade Quixote otherwise, they left him to his own fate; yet, when the lions had an opportunity to leave the cage, they did not, and all who witnessed were amazed at the knight's great valor and courage. 

Chapter XVIII
Don Diego, impressed with Quixote as half mad with "glimmers of sanity," took the Knight of the Lions, as he wished now to be called, and his squire to his home to meet his wife and poet son, Don Lorenzo.  After four days of hospitality with Don Diego and his family, Don Lorenzo told his father that Quixote was “mad in patches, full of lucid intervals.”

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