News Finally Reaches the Panzas

Chapter L
Cervantes reveals that it was Altisidora and the duchess who bounded into Quixote’s room to seek revenge upon the chatty Doña Rodríguez, and then the author takes the reader to the village of the Panza family just as the page arrives to deliver correspondence from Sancho and the duchess to Sancho’s wife.  Teresa Panza and daughter Sanchica are elated of the news of Sancho’s governorship, and begin to imagine being the envy of the village women, while the curate and Sansón Currasco coincidently enter the scene and are completely confounded by the preposterous developments of Sancho and pursue the page for more information.

Chapter LI
Another day in Sancho’s government and another deliberate case is brought before the governor to judge, whereas he exercises wisdom recalling Don Quixote’s precept: “when justice is in doubt, draw back and resort to mercy.”  During the same day, a friendly letter from Don Quixote is delivered to Sancho’s court and read aloud to him, in which he immediately dictates a response to be delivered to his old master.

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