Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Magnificent Wedding it Would Have Been

Chapter XXI
At the announcement of the groom, the wealthy Camacho, and the bride, the fair Quiteria, the gallant Basilio, who loved Quiteria from his youth, appears before them and in front of all the guests throws himself down upon a rapier; he is immediately attended by a priest to focus on his soul, but instead Basilio demands the priest marry Quiteria to him first.  After agreeing, and after Sancho rightly observes oddly that a dying man is able to say so much, Quiteria admits her hand in marriage to Basilio who then jumps up from his trick and is now married to his love; of which causes a fight among the guests, until Quixote intervenes and speaks wisely about the rules of love and war being the same.  Finally, Basilio, his bride, and their guests leave to continue the festivities in his own town, inviting the courageous Quixote to join them, while the disheartened Sancho follows behind to only think about what a magnificent feast it could have been.

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