Arriving at Barcelona

Chapter LIX
On their way to Saragossa, knight and squire find an inn to lodge and overhear two men discussing the history of Don Quixote of La Mancha written by another author; affronted by what he hears, Quixote rages and causes the two men, Don Jerónimo and Don Juan, to come forward and introduce themselves.  They invite Quixote to dine with them and discuss the discrepancies of the book, agree that only Cide Hamete Behengeli should be permitted to write Quixote’s history, and in order to expose this other historian to be a counterfeit, Quixote decides to skip the tournament in Saragossa after all.
Chapter LX
Don Quixote and Sancho are on their way to Barcelona instead but get lost and are caught off guard when they are confronted by bandits who search them and seize their belongings; but when the chief of the bandits, Roque Guinart, learns that he is facing Don Quixote, he returns their possessions to them.  Soon after, Roque's bandits have gathered up several groups of travelers and confiscated their belongings; yet, it is as if Roque has a change of heart, and he orders the travelers to keep their money after all.
Chapter LXI
Seńor Roque lives an unhappy life trusting no one, as witnessed by Don Quixote and Sancho who spend three days and nights with the chief and his bandits; nonetheless, they venture together and arrive in the city of Barcelona and part each other.  Quixote and Sancho are in amazement of the sights and sounds of the picturesque city, and here friends of Roque who were made aware of their arrival meet them and now take them to the guide’s mansion.

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