Hand to Hand Combat with Cats

Chapter XLVI
One night Quixote opens his window to sing a love song for all to hear when suddenly a bag of cats is let loose and enter his room through the window.  Believing the cats to be enchanters, he takes up his sword against them, and as one attacks his face, Quixote bravely stands, “Let nobody take him: let me fight hand to hand with this devil, this wizard, this necromancer!  I’ll make him understand what it means to deal with Don Quixote of La Mancha.”  Altisoidora cleans his wounds for him.
Chapter XLVII
A fabulous banquet is prepared for Sancho, but every time a plate is brought to him and he takes one bite, the physician orders it to be taken away in concern for the governor’s health; this so aggravates Sancho, who fears he will die of starvation, that he orders the physician to depart from him.  Meanwhile, a message arrives from the duke warning of a severe attack by enemies, to be watchful, and to let him know immediately if he would like assistance.

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