The Drollest (Wittiest) Squire Ever

Chapter XXXI
Within the manor, Don Quixote and Sancho are treated extremely well, except when Sancho insults a duenna and Quixote must reprimand him.  During their meal, Sancho is the center of attention when he tells a story, but the ecclesiastic sees right through the pair and questions if knights-errant even existed; he demands that they go home immediately.
Chapter XXXII
Quixote reproaches the ecclesiastic, and as the Duke and Duchess are playing along with the famous knight and squire, the ecclesiast is offended and departs, leaving Quixote and the Duke to discuss the difference between being offended and being affronted.  After dinner, a jest of washing the guest’s beard with soap but not enough water is played on Quixote, greatly entertaining the Duke and Duchess, but when it is tried on Sancho, he is able to escape.   Don Quixote proclaims his squire to be the wittiest squire ever, and the Duchess is quite fond of him and tells him that she will see to it that he receives the governorship he was promised.

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