Don Quixote Throws Down the Gauntlet

Chapter LII
Back to Don Quixote, Doña Rodríguez pleads with the knight to aid her against the rich farmer whose son has deceived her daughter by reneging on his promise to be her lawful husband; therefore, Quixote pledges to right this wrong, while the duke agrees to provide a time and place for the challenge to take place.  Meanwhile, the page returns with the letters from Teresa Panza to the duchess and to her husband, Sancho, upon which the duchess enjoys having both of these read aloud to her.
Chapter LIII
During the seventh night of Sancho’s service, he is rushed from his chamber and pressed to arm against an unknown enemy who has just entered the island.  In constricting armor, he is forced to lead his people and somehow battle the foe, but ends up on the ground and trampled under foot like “a turtle in his shell.”  When his people win the victory without his leadership, he asks to be released of his services to return to his “former liberty” doing what he knows best, as governorship is not the life for him.

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