Christian Meets Faithful

Chapter 10
Christian meets up with Faithful, another pilgrim from his town, and they discuss and compare the details of their journey: Faithful shares what has become of Pliable, how Faithful escaped the trap of Wanton, how he met Adam the First who offered his three daughters, the Lust of the Flesh, the Lust of the Eyes, and the Pride of Life, how Faithful was overtaken by Moses for feeling persuaded to go with Adam the First, and how he met with Shame who objected against religion.  Both Christian and Faithful agree that each time they meet with those on their journey who try to persuade them out of the Way, they “must cry to Him who would have us be valiant for Truth upon the earth.”
Chapter 11
Faithful and Christian catch up to a man on the journey named Talkative, and when Christian shows Faithful that Talkative is all talk and no substance, Christian convinces Faithful to ask him questions to test his faith; therefore, Faithful asks Talkative how the saving grace of God is revealed in a person’s heart and if he has experienced the first part of the work of grace, to which Faithful does not want to talk anymore because his words and desires are in conflict.  After Talkative leaves the two friends, they meet up with Evangelist who gives them some words of wisdom: “Pay close attention to your own hearts and to the desires of it, for they are more deceitful than anything and desperately wicked,” and “be men of courage; commit yourselves to your faithful Creator and continue to do good.”

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