Christian Comes to the Cross

Chapter 5
When Christian finally reaches the home of the Interpreter, he shows Christian many satisfying and frightful things for his profit to act as pricks to his conscious.  My favorite one is this: Interpreter takes Christian to a room covered in dust and when one sweeps it the dust chokes Christian; but when another sprays the room with water, the dust is easily swept away.  This is what it means: the room is a man’s heart, the dust is sin, the sweeping is the law, which reveals sin but only energizes it; and the water is the gospel, which conquers sin, making the heart “fit for the King of Glory to inhabit.”

Chapter 6
Christian comes to the Place of Deliverance where there stands a Cross, and the burden falls instantly from his back and rolls into the tomb, to which Christian declares, “He has given me rest from my sorrow and life through His death”; then suddenly three Shinning Ones appear and state that his sins are forgiven, clothe him in rich garments, set a mark on his forehead, and give him a document with a scroll on it to be delivered at the Celestial Gate.  As Christian continues on, two men, Formality and Hypocrisy, stumble over the wall into the Way, and although Christian warns them that “they came in by themselves without His direction,” they are not concerned.
Chapter 7
Here Christian comes to the Hill of Difficulty where two separate paths named Danger and Destruction proceed around the hill, which Formality and Hypocrisy take once they see how steep the Hill of Difficulty is.  When climbing the Hill, he meets two men, Fearful and Mistrust, who are running down the Hill towards Christian, and they warn him of lions up ahead.


  1. Wow! You dove right into Pilgrim's Progress. At this rate you'll have it finished in no time.

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    1. I would love to catch up!!!

    2. I'm afraid I'm going to be with Ishmael at sea for quite awhile, so your odds are good.