Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Christian Begins His Journey

The Pilgrim’s Progress in Modern English – John Bunyan
(complete and unabridged edition, translated by L. Edward Hazelbaker)
Grammar Stage Inquiries

Part 1: The Pilgrimage of Christian, Faithful, and Hopeful

Chapter 1
John Bunyan describes a dream he has in which Christian, a family man, is burdened by the heavy load on his back and the coming destruction to his city as told by the Book he carries as he seeks the Way he should go.  He meets Evangelist who gives him direction to the Narrow Gate, and as he runs off toward the Gate, his family and neighbors try to stop him, including Obstinate and Pliable; except Pliable decides he wants to go along with Christian, too.
Chapter 2
As Christian and Pliable carry on, Christian tells Pliable of all the wonderful things in the Book about the things they are going to enjoy, though they fall into the Swamp of Despondence, the place where the “scum and filth that accompanies the conviction of sin run continually.”  Pliable becomes discouraged and escapes the bog, leaving Christian to himself, until a man named Help comes and pulls Christian out.
Chapter 3
Christian continues on alone and meets Mr. Worldly Wiseman who convinces Christian that he knows an easier way without danger to alleviate him from his burden, which is to meet with Legality in the town of Morality.  Taking the advice of Mr. Worldly Wiseman, Christian takes the path out of the Way and begins to have fears, and his burden seems heavier; then he sees Evangelist again who tells Christian that he must despise Worldly Wiseman’s counsel and return to the right path, which leads to the Narrow Gate.
Chapter 4
Christian comes to the Narrow Gate, and here he meets Goodwill who takes him in swiftly regardless of his past sins.  Christians shares his story leading up to this point, and then Goodwill directs him on the straight and narrow path, which will lead him to the Place of Deliverance where his burden will fall off his back, and to look for the house of Interpreter where he will show him many good things.

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