Friday, February 3, 2012

The Tale of the Ill-Advised Curiosity, part I

Chapter XXXIII
The innkeeper brought out a manuscript, “The Tale of the Ill-Advised Curiosity,” and the curate agreed to read it aloud to the group, which is as such: two best friends, Anselmo and Lotario, are inseparable, even after Anselmo marries a beautiful and virtuous woman, Camila; however, one day Anselmo entreats Lotario to woe Camila as a test of her goodness, as Lotario protests that if Anselmo is “certain that [he has] a modest, chaste, honorable, and prudent wife, what [is he] trying to find out?”  When Lotario finally agrees to go along with the plan, he initially lies about everything in order to avoid dishonoring his friend, until eventually he falls in love with Camila.

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