Books of Chivalry Are Lies

Chapter XLIX
Sancho tries to convince his master that he is not enchanted and that if he could get out of the cage they would be able to make a plan of escape and continue seeking adventure together, to which Quixote disagrees with the first point, but is allowed to leave the cage for a break.  During this time, the canon attempts a conversation with Don Quixote about books of chivalry stating, “they are all lies and childish foolishness,” although Quixote continues to defend as truth.

Chapter L
Don Quixote reiterates in his argument with the canon that stories “of knight-errantry will rouse both wonder and delight in any reader,” and that he would like to present his well-deserving squire with an earldom, which he has promised.   During the discussion, a goatherd chasing after his wandering goat, approaches the group while they were eating, and since they invited him to join them, he prepares to tell them a story in which they were inclined to listen.


  1. I'm working my way through The Well-Educated Mind too! It's exciting to come across a fellow traveler on a long and sometimes lonely journey!
    Oh - and I also have five kids!

  2. I replied to your message via e-mail but I'm not sure if it went through because I received an "error" pop-up. I sent it last night, Feb.19.