Part II, A Continuation of Knights-Errantry

Part II
Chapter I
A month passes since Quixote has been home, and the curate and barber visit him to see if his madness has left him; unfortunately, the conversations turn to knights-errantry, and now they are not so certain about his cure.
Chapter II
Interrupting the discussion between the three men, Quixote’s niece and housekeeper are outside arguing with Sancho in hopes of keeping him away; but it is no use.  Quixote invites him in, as the curate and barber leave them, and Sancho updates Quixote on all the gossip from the village, including that a history has already been written about them and their adventures.
Chapter III
Being that Quixote wants to know immediately about the written history, Sancho runs to get the young man named Carrasco who had told him about it in the first place, and together they inquire of its contents: Which deeds are highly praised? What adventures are included?  Is it truthful, as histories should be written?  In addition, Cervantes is lightly critical of himself for his lapse in memory on a few occasions in Part I sharing the jest with the fictitious author of Quixote’s fictitious history.  

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