Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Now Dulcinea is Enchanted!

Chapter IX
Quixote and his squire enter El Toboso to search for the palace of Dona Dulcinea, but struggle to find it, as it is still dark and in the early morning hours.  Sancho then wisely suggests that Don Quixote hide himself while he search for Dulcinea’s house in order that he may alert her that Quixote is in town and requests to speak with her privately so as not to “damage her honor and reputation.” 

Chapter X
Sancho rides back into town leaving Quixote in hiding and wastes enough time while having a sarcastic conversation with himself about having to honestly speak to Dulcinea about his crazy master, when he suddenly spies three peasant women riding in his direction.  He returns to Quixote to alert him of the approaching women, Dulcinea and two of her damsels, coming out to meet him, and as Quixote stops them to speak to the one he believes is his princess, she is not flattered by his words and demands that he let them pass; Quixote is now certain that she is enchanted and that enchanters loathe him and want to deprive him of his happiness.  

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