Friday, February 3, 2012

The Tale of the Ill-Advised Curiosity, part II

Chapter XXXIV
Camila sends a message to Anselmo that Lotario is making advances; but Anselmo does not protect his wife, and she ends up falling for Lotario; however, due to her behavior, Camila’s relationship is obvious to her maid, Leonela, who now carries on her own affair, in addition to causing Lotario to distrust her and mistake Leonela’s lover to be someone else Camila is secretly involved with.  At first, Lotario involves Anselmo in a plot to catch Camila in her suspected affair, but then he regrets and informs Camila of his jealousy; therefore, she adds to the plot in hopes of clearing her name by demonstrating her loyalty and honor to Anselmo by confronting Lotario of his advances, while Anselmo is hiding in the room.  Thus, Anselmo remains a fool to continue believing that his best friend is being honest and his wife is ever faithful. 

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