It's a Small World

Chapter XXXIX
The captive begins to tell his story to the group of how he obeyed his father’s orders to take his fortune and choose for himself a profession, which he chose to become a soldier in the King’s army.  Then he relates how in battle with the Turks he became a prisoner, and while a prisoner he met another Christian who was captured, Don Pedro de Aguilar, who wrote sonnets; and at the mention of his name, Don Fernando explains that Don Pedro is his own brother who is a alive and well.

Chapter XL
The captive continues his story of how in prison he and fellow prisoners received money and correspondences in Arabic from a woman who lived nearby trying to help them in order that they may aid her.  She specifically targeted the captive because she thought him to be a Christian gentleman and promised him liberty and her hand in marriage if he would take her to the land of the Christians.

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