Saturday, February 11, 2012

It's a Long Story with a Happy Ending

Chapter XLI
This is the continuation of the captive’s account: of how he came to Spain after escaping prison with his comrades, obtained a vessel to flee in, met and took Zoraida, along with her father, though unplanned, how they released him, were taken captive again on the sea by a French vessel, and finally, how they were released upon Spanish soil.  Now he seeks to find his father and brothers and to know if they are still alive.

Chapter XLII
At the completion of the captive’s story, another party, consisting of a judge and his young daughter, Clara, seeks shelter for the night.  The captive, whose name is Ruiz Pèrez de Viedma, is certain the judge is his brother, Juan Pèrez de Viedma, and as it turns out to be so, the two brothers are joyfully reunited; and the happy news is related that their father and other brother are also still alive.

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