The Inn Gets Crowded

Chapter XLIV
Maritornes finally releases Quixote from his hanging position, but not before waking the landlord who learns that the four travelers at his inn are seeking a young boy dressed as a muleteer who is really their master’s son, Don Luis, and when they find him, they try to persuade him to return to his desperate father; meanwhile, all at the inn are awake, and the judge, Juan Perez, learns that Don Luis wants to marry his daughter, Doña Clara.  Meanwhile, another traveler arrives at the inn, who is the barber whose basin and packsaddle were stolen by Quixote and Sancho Panza, and as he wants his belongings returned to him,  another confrontation ensues.

Chapter XLV
As the men continue in jest and sit in judgment of the basin and packsaddle to determine if they are not really the helmet of Mambrino and the trappings of a horse, three officers of the Holy Brotherhood arrive at the inn.  When one becomes involved in the dispute, accusing those in the discussion to be drunk, Quixote becomes enraged and massive combat arises between all the men; although, Quixote, who started it all, brought it to a halt by confirming the castle to be enchanted, and afterward, one of the officers realizes they have a warrant for the arrest of Don Quixote for releasing their prisoners, equating Quixote for a highway robber.

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