Roxinante's Mischief

Chapter XV
Quixote and Sancho continue their adventures and stop to rest inside the woods while Rozinante heads off to visit several mares grazing nearby.  However, the owners of the mares, the Yanquesans, violently bludgeon Rozinante, and Quixote and Sancho seek revenge on them; only being outnumbered, they are sorely defeated and left for dead along side Rozinante.
Chapter XVI
Sancho leads Quixote, lying over Sancho’s mule, to an inn for rest and recovery where they are well taken care of by the innkeeper’s wife, daughter, and an Asturian wench, Maritornes.  Unfortunately, Quixote imagines that the innkeeper’s daughter comes to visit him in the night, while it is really Maritornes seeking another visitor also staying at the inn, causing Quixote and Sancho to become entwined in another scuffle and increasing their injuries.

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