Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Knight of the Rueful Figure

Chapter XIX
In the next adventure, Quixote and Sancho encounter a traveling band of priests carrying a liter with a dead man to be buried in another city; but perceiving them to be carrying the body of a dead knight whose death must be avenged, Quixote volunteers to be the one to avenge him and attacks the band, injuring one and chasing the others away.  Finally, the injured man informs him of the truth and Quixote asks for their pardon, while Sancho comes up with a new title for his brave master: the Knight of the Rueful Figure.

Chapter XX
In their quest to find water, knight and squire hear what sounds like falling water along with sounds of iron banging.  While Quixote wants to go forth and challenge the sounds, which may be giants, Sancho prevents him from leaving until dawn when they both go forward and learn that the noise is coming from a mill.

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