Quixote Uses Good Judgment, Finally

Chapter XIII
On their way to the burial of Chrysostom, Quixote and the goatherds join with Shepherds also heading to the burial.  Here Quixote has a conversation with one of the travelers about his profession as a knight errant in which they disagree as to why a knight would pledge his soul to a lady, when going on a dangerous adventure, as opposed to God as a Christian should.

Chapter XIV
After the final letter written by Chrysostom of his reasons for suicide was read to the group gathered at his burial, Marcela appears to the men to defend herself against charges that she is responsible for Chrysostom’s death; instead, she says, it was her choice to remain chaste and alone, as she made it known to Chrysostom.  Once she leaves, Quixote expresses his opinion that Marcela is innocent and instead should be respected for her intentions.

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