Of Sheep and Rams

Chapter XVII
First, Quixote has another confrontation at the inn, this time with the officer of the inn, and then Quixote makes his healing potion for himself and Sancho, which cause violent reactions.  Finally, when Quixote and Sancho attempt to leave the inn without payment, several guests hold Sancho back and have a jest with him until Quixote returns to retrieve him.
Chapter XVIII
Quixote and Sancho continue their misadventures when they see two large rolling dust clouds coming toward each other, and Quixote imagines them to be two enemy armies of famous knights preparing for battle with the other.  Quixote choose the one army he will defend, and he charges into battle, even after Sancho warns him that they are only herds of sheep and rams; but it is too late, and the sheepherder protecting his sheep from the attacking knight-errant injures Quixote.

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