Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Rescue

Chapter XXVIX
Since it has been joyfully determined that Don Fernando is not married to Luscinda after all, but to Dorotea, the happy couple decide to join in the plan to trick Don Quixote into going home to be cured of his madness.  Once the group is reunited with Sancho and Quixote, Dorotea plays the part of a distressed princess seeking the assistance of the brave knight, Don Quixote de la Mancha, in saving her kingdom from a brutal giant; and Quixote gratefully obliges.  

Chapter XXX
On the journey back to El Toboso, the Lady Dorotea tells the tale of her lost kingdom to the giant in greater detail to Quixote, which mirror the stories of those told in the books of chivalry that Quixote knew so well, making it so believable; however, Sancho disagrees with Quixote’s rejection of marrying Dorotea in order to gain a kingdom of their own, and a quarrel ensues; although Dorotea quells their bitterness, and they make up.  In addition, the group crosses paths with the thief who stole Sancho’s mule, and Sancho is reunited with his faithful ass once again.

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