The Madman in the Mountains

Chapter XXIV
While Quixote and Sancho are speaking with the goatherd about the man they saw, he, whose name is Cardenio, approaches them; and as he is the owner of those personal objects, he proceeds to tell them about his unfortunate situation.  Unfortunately, something Cardenio says disagrees with Don Quixote, which leads to another altercation, this time involving all four men, causing Cardenio to run off and leaving Quixote determined to find him again.
Chapter XXV
Don Quixote decides that he needs to do penance in these mountains of Sierra Morena while Sancho is off to see Lady Dulcinea with a letter from the Knight of the Rueful Figure explaining Quixote's madness and requesting her favor.  Quixote waits for the return of his squire with a reply from Lady Dulcinea and more asses from Quixote's niece.

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