The World Needs More Knights

Chapter VII
After Quixote wakes, he inquires of the books, which had already been burned by the housekeeper, but she and his niece convince him that an enchanter had carried the room and books away.  Quixote, determined that the world needs more knights-errant and that he would lead the way, sets out again, this time with his neighbor, Sancho Panza, as his squire, of which he has promised great rewards.

Chapter VIII
The first adventure Quixote and Sancho face is windmills, which Quixote imagines are giants, as he challenges them and then is defeated.  The second encounter is with two friars whom Quixote believes to be magicians abducting a coach with a princess; he attacks them and sends them away in fear, but then has to fight a squire in the party of the princess.

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