Miserable Love Stories

Chapter XXVII
Sancho leads the curate and barber, now in disguises, to the mountains where he originally left Don Quixote with the hope of convincing Quixote to return with them to El Toboso.  Once they arrive at the mountain pass, they agree to wait for Sancho to find his master and bring him to them; but during that time they met the madman, Cardenio, who tells them his entire miserable love story about his lost love, Luscinda, to the evil Don Fernando, and how he ended up living in these mountains.

Chapter XXVIII
As Cardenio finishes telling his story, the three men hear someone else lamenting and go to seek out the voice, which turns out to be a young woman, Dorotea, who is concealing her identity and also hiding from her troubles in the mountains of Sierra Morena.  She tells them of her complicated situation revealing that she is connected to Cardenio’s story and that his love, Luscinda, is not lost after all.  

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