Another Misfortune

Chapter XXII
Along their journey they cross paths with a dozen men in chains being led by the king’s men to be slaves in the king’s galleys as punishment for their crimes, when Quixote believes it is his duty to release these poor souls being forced against their will.  After stopping them and listening to their reasons for their imprisonment, Quixote attacks the main guard, scares away the rest, allowing the chained me to go free, only to have them turn on Sancho and him because they realized Quixote was out of his wits.

Chapter XXIII
Quixote and Sancho settle down for the night in the nearby mountains only to have Sancho’s ass stolen by one of the very men Quixote help free the day before.  The next day, while continuing on, Quixote and Sancho come across a portmanteau with personal belongings and inquire of a goatherd if they belong to the gentleman they spotted running among the neighboring rocks.

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